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Which herbs and plants are easiest to grow for someone that is not familiar with gardening?

I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and have been wanting to grow my own herbs and small plants. I don’t have experience in gardening whatsoever and I’d like to know what I should start off with and what plants/herbs are good for this climate (hot and humid). I would like to plant something within the next month. What’s good to plant at this time of year?

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4 Responses to “Which herbs and plants are easiest to grow for someone that is not familiar with gardening?”

  1. All 4 JR said :

    Chives, Parsley, lemon thyme & basil all grow well in hot & humid. If it gets too dry…water. This time of year, protect from freezing temps but should do well til it gets to 40 or so.

  2. Michelle said :

    Oregano is such an easy herb! The benefit is that is can be used for such a wide variety of things, and it is a perennial so it will come back every year!
    Other no brainers (and I know this from my own personal experience) is lemon verbena, thyme (lemon thyme as well) rosemary, mint, and lavender, and basil.
    I have had some troubles with sage, but maybe it doesn’t like Ohio weather, so the humid/hot might be good for it! Pretty much any herb is workable, just buy from a good source (preferably a farmer’s market) and read any labels. I know having them indoors vs. outdoors makes a difference as well, so what I share is just from having outdoor herbs. (I just dug up the ground, plopped them in, and they lived!)
    Good luck!

  3. Sasha said :

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  4. Lourdes Lewan said :

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