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Gardening/Horticulture Question: Should I have said something to someone?

I was once on a gardening/horticulture course and the people running it were so supposed to wear Polo Shirts which proved they were who they were – for the course. Anyway one removed his Polo Shirt because it was Summer and was then wearing a White T-Shirt. Should I of reported him?.

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3 Responses to “Gardening/Horticulture Question: Should I have said something to someone?”

  1. the gunners said :

    No.That would have been petty.

  2. sugar said :

    I think reporting this would probably be a bit silly.

  3. navi said :

    Oh yes, of course you should have. He would have been made to look small in front of a lot of people. Probably got a warning from employers. Overlooked for promotion, all for what, some idiot who did not have the guts to approach him himself and point the fact out. GROW UP


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