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What are the best plants for gardening in Arizona?

I want to start gardening but I am not so sure what is best for the climate here in Arizona.

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4 Responses to “What are the best plants for gardening in Arizona?”

  1. Adam B said :

    You live in the desert. The only appropriate plants for your part of the country are ones that require little water and thrive on full sun. Cacti, succulents, desert wildflowers, desert trees like the cottonwood, and other native plants are the best bet. Anything else and you’re wasting precious water.

  2. fair2midlynn said :

    Agave, cactus, ephedra, nolina=bear grass, many types of yucca, our Lord’s candle, chamise, manzanita, desert holly, red barberry, ceanothos, Texas ranger, hollyleaf cherry, catalina cherry, lemonade berry, California buckwheat, needlegrass, sage, coffeebery, columbine, dudleya, fescue, iris, snowberry, desert marigold, chocolate daisy, pink fairyduster, and many, many more!
    Try the Arizona Native Plant Society, P. O. Box 41206, Sun Station, Tucson, AZ 85704

  3. S. L said :

    Here is great website to visit and sign up for free catalog ….they are out of Sante Fe and have many different plant varieties for your region.Their salvia selection is awesome!!!

    This site gives alot of descriptions, pictures and ideas for trees , shrubs and flowers….

    This site has it all….LOTS of info on growing everything in Arizona and more….

    Otherwise visit your local greenhouse and they will be more than happy to show you what you need.

    Good Luck!

  4. bahbdorje said :

    Most things will do kind of good. But it depends alot on the soil. Has it been amended, or are you planning to keep it natural?

    A good place to start would be the Arizona Master Gardener Manual, available on line. Search for a link…(sorry I don’t have it)

    I have several species of pines, and Arizona Cypress, and hollyleaf redberry, Cercocarpus, manzanita, cacti in several varieties. …

    Bulbs do well, if you can handle the summer dormancy.
    Many plants that do well in the desert go dormant in the summer. It also happens when you try plants from other places.

    Try a Japanese Pagoda Tree or Texas Mountain Laurel, both in Genus *Sophofora*. … Nice flowers. As do the *Robinia*, Black Locust and Idaho Locusts, …
    Many oaks can handle the climate.

    Its just too big a question to keep going.

  5. Jodie said :

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