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im modernising an old home, and i have come up with a design for the garden, but i dont know anything about plants, etc, i only need to know the basics, like what plant accompanies what, plants for this time of year ,easy to maintain, that sort of thing, does anyone know a good website, for the basics, or if anyone has any tips, im not having little coloured shrubs, im going for a more green, grass plant look? please any help or advice.

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  1. Merrilly C said :

    Hi, Martha

  2. awommack said :

    try tlc dot com

  3. nibbler said :

    if you want the best and free advice just visit your local garden centre they will be glad to help my garden changes with the seasons best to mix your evergreens with plants/shrubs that flower during spring an summer and start to die down in autaum grasses are great to they need little looking after my fav is the purple tower it is a broad leaved grass and is pretty tough i also have a few small trees (rohdadendrums and aiacias) as well these help change the look of your garden rhodadendrums have a fantastic flower and come in a variety of coulers and aiacias have a wonderful redish browny green leaf and are grat when the light hits them im also fond of bamboo as well in particular a black bamboo(its not a black plant) they can add height to a garden and are good in the shade or sun

  4. prosopopoeia said :

    Get a couple books at your library or bookstore. I like one called Heat-Zone Gardening by Henry Marc Cathey. I also like The Well-Tended Perennial Garden by Disabato-Aust. Also check out Sam Bittman’s Seeds: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers. Very good and useful even if you don’t start from seed.

    Those 3 books should be great to get you started. And you can get one on vines if you want vines.

  5. Fulltime in my RV said :

    If you’re going to learn gardening….learn it right!
    go to the organic gardening fourms. Lots of very helpful people who would love to help you w/ all the info you need. Be sure to let them know where you are w/ each question. They’ll give you different tips, depending on where you are & what type of soil you have.

  6. CROSBYAline27 said :

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