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What perennial flowers will grow well in deep south Louisiana winters?

Just bought a house and I am landscraping my front yard. I only want to buy perennials, I only want to do this once. I am looking for lots of colors.

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3 Responses to “What perennial flowers will grow well in deep south Louisiana winters?”

  1. Denzel said :

    Try Louisiana iris. They are Natural to the area but it requires a lot of water to grow them.

  2. mentalvalor said :

    My name is Zeke Phillips, and I am a flower contractor from Pennsylvania and know enough to tell you what will survive Louisiana winters.

    Good luck finding your answer on YAnswers. I’m available at my email address.

  3. pondlady said :

    Most of the time, regular perennials just melt in the Louisiana summers. I have had good luck with guara, cannas, curry plant, Chinese Fan Palms, cypress trees, any swamp plant like the irises or marsh marigolds. Daylilies will be great. Bignonia is a vine that has color either in the leaves or the flowers most all year. The perennial verbenas are favorites too. Best thing to do is to find a local contractor or landscape architect and describe what you want. Shop the plans for estimates or have the architect do the installation.


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