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What are the best books on gardening and houseplants?

I’m wanting a new book or two on gardening, and one that has a bit of focus on houseplants and overwintering plants indoors. I’m also thinking about one with details on starting from seed and propagating. Which books are the most informative, with in-depth information and tips? I need something that will be useful to me in a cold climate.
Any links to good sites are also appreciated. I’m looking for a book, a hard copy, something that I can read in bed or when the internet’s out.

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5 Responses to “What are the best books on gardening and houseplants?”

  1. trekkie706 said :

    you can get that info on web for free

  2. mud said :

    Look at the library, when you find a really good one. Buy one. We have one. Ortho`s All about houseplants. Found this in liquidation store for 3.00. Good will stores,another good place.

  3. Monica said :

    “Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening (Paperback)”

    I got this book a couple of weeks ago from the library and it is so helpful! I’m starting my own garden (mostly in big pots) and I’ve found this book covers pretty much everything. I really recommend it and I just checked; it’s $16.50 on amazon. After I return it to the library, I’m gonna buy it. Check it out!!

  4. Herbarium Landscape Design said :

    All New Square Foot Gardening is a great book for outdoor gardening including seed starting. I also second the suggestion for Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. As far as houseplants it depends what you want to grow. I think Taylor’s Guide to Houseplants is good but if you are like me and prefer growing more unusual stuff like lemons and herbs it won’t be very helpful.

    It is a good idea to find some at the library so you can look through them thoroughly and see what you think.

  5. Nail said :

    Each grower needs one book which explains all things. You could try here( some couple of books which gives you idea regarding new techniques from basic to advanced growing.


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