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I am stuck on the following clue on a gardening quiz – these make me cross. Any ideas?

The answer is 7 letters. It is anything in the garden – plant, vegetable, flower….

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14 Responses to “I am stuck on the following clue on a gardening quiz – these make me cross. Any ideas?”

  1. teddy said :

    is that the clue, these make me cross?

    stepping stones………

    i think davids right, Hybrids good answer.

  2. david536259 said :

    Yes – I have a few ideas.


  3. GER C said :

    Letters? How many?…………Pollens !

  4. Duisend-poot said :

    Hi, cannot quite follow what your question is. Try again .:)

  5. Neo said :


  6. dave t said :

    is this a general gardening quiz, or specific ie. flowers. There ‘s loads of things make me cross…
    slugs, rabbits, dandelions, block paved drives, wind chimes……

  7. DR. DIRT said :

    you need to say how many letters are in the answer—it could be —-pathways–,–a plant that needs a cross patch lattace to climb on—,—a fruit tree that needs cross polintation to produce fruit—,—

  8. mrb said :

    stepping stones?

  9. clumsyraine said :

    Why’s everyone asking for number of letters? He said quiz, not crossword puzzle, lol. 🙂

  10. kaz said :

    hybrid / stump / pollinate / corms ???

    JOHN R – The 7 letter statement was an addition to the question, after we had already answered….

  11. mausy said :


  12. Ian s said :


  13. John R said :

    most people who have answered the question should take reading lessons or understanding lessons. the question or at least part of it says 7 letters. one answer lists
    about 6 things none of which have 7 letters

  14. Steve M said :

    foliage ??


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