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What are some plants or flowers that I could plant as a beginner gardener?

I just bought a new house and I would like to plant pretty flowers. But I’m not really outdoors person so i would like something easy and pretty. I thought about Liliac but i dont know how easy it woudl be to buy and plant and grow. Also i dont want to go to Home depot and look stupid talking to the garden people about flowers…so simple please… Thanks so much. The last home owners has tulips about to bloom can i plant near them or do they need space.

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5 Responses to “What are some plants or flowers that I could plant as a beginner gardener?”

  1. Secret said :

    When I was little my dad got me to plant “Cosmos” – in some countries it is considered a weed because it grows so easily, but they grow quickly, need minimal attention and have pretty flowers ranging from white to purple (and sometimes even red, but those are very rare).

  2. Pink08 said :

    Since I don’t know your growing zone I can’t recommend anything. A lilac is a bush that can grow quite tall. Perennials are flowers that come up every year. Annuals are flowers that last only one season.

    There must be an extension service in your city or an agricultural college nearby. You can go online and ask them.

    There is so much information on the internet about plants and their care.

    Go to this website to find your plant hardiness zone in the U.S. If you are not in the U.S., search for a plant hardiness map in your country.

    Buy plants and bushes that are hardy to your zone only.

  3. oohhbother said :

    Better Homes & Gardens has a nice web site of garden plans, some of which are labeled easy. You have to register to see them, but they do not spam you.
    They also have a lot of general information about gardening, too.

  4. xajide said :

    If you want to plant where the tulips grow, you can dig up the bulbs after the bloom is over and replant them. They shouldn’t suffer. Just make sure you replant them in the same depth they were growing before.
    There are many plants that are easy to take care of.
    Lilac bushes will bloom in the late spring and then be green for the rest of the year. I have two in my garden and they do great. They can go up to 5′ wide and up to 8′ tall, so plan on giving them lots of space.
    The general rule of thumb is:
    Everything you need to know about the plants should be on the labels attached to the pots. Nobody walks into Home Depot knowing about all the plants available. And it often tends to happen that the guys working there are the ones that know the least 😉
    I consider myself a good gardener, but I don’t know everything there is to know. I see a plant I like the look of and then read the label.
    Here are a couple of major things to look for:
    Make sure you ask whether the plants are perennials or annuals.
    Perennials will come back season after season, but often only bloom at certain times during the year. (one that blooms all the time are roses, but they’re not the easiest to take care of)
    Annuals get planted in the spring, bloom all summer long, but will die off in the late fall.
    Even with bulbs, there are certain ones that need to be dug up in the fall and stored in the basement to survive the winter frost – it will say so on the package. The safest ones to plant are daffodils, crocusts and tulips – they will come back every year and multiply nicely.

    Here are a couple of bushes that will bloom and shouldn’t be too hard to take care of:
    Lilac, Forsythia, Weigelia, Rhododendron..

    Make sure to check the labels to see whether the plants prefer full sun, partial shade or full shade. Most plants will be able to cope with a bit of difference to their preferences, but most sun plants will do very poorly when there isn’t enough direct sunlight around.

    Gardening is a learning by doing thing – don’t worry about going to the Home Depot and asking the guys there. If possible, find the oldest guy there – those are usually people who don’t just work in the gardening department to make money but actually know about their plants.
    Many of the guys there will actually enjoy helping you with suggestions instead of dealing with just another annoyed customer.

    Since we bought our house, I’ve planted Rhododendrons, roses, weigelias, many different bulbs, colorful annuals in the front and in my boxes and have started a little herb garden.
    Part of the fun in gardening is figuring it out for yourself.
    I’m sure once you start, you’ll enjoy watching your plants grow.

    Good luck!

  5. Rambo said :

    If you want pretty and fragrant flowers, grow rose, lilly of the valley ( convallaria) or jasmine. As for tulips you can dig ,em up after they had flowered and plant lilies, tube rose, dahlia or gladiolus bulbs. They will flower in till late summer.


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