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Looking for Forums for landscape gardening?

I’m looking for Forums on the topics of landscape gardening/design and home improvements. Tried doing a search but could only find a couple which were not very active (few members). Can anyone help? Thanks.
Thanks for answers so far but I was looking for UK specific forums in particular.

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2 Responses to “Looking for Forums for landscape gardening?”

  1. thacoconut said :

    Well this is not a forum but rather a TV channel’s website…They specialize in Home and Garden and always seem to have really cool stuff on their network

    It called HGTV and the website is accorindly named the same

    Here you will find tips and possible chat forums I’m sure…

    Otherwise, my girlfriend’s dad is a professional landscaper so hit me up with any kind of questions you might have and I will get back with you

    See you ’round.

  2. DoogieT said :

    I don’t know if this will help but there are a ton of forums for all kinds of things. Then click on forums and you will see a large list of all kinds of subjects.


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