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what is a good website or book to learn about gardening?

My husband and I just bought our first home and I’m very excited about planting my own flower beds and vegetable garden. I don’t want to do anything extravagent, just basic beginner stuff until i learn more. Unfortunately I’m starting from ground zero with little to no knowledge on gardening and am in desperate need of some good resources.

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7 Responses to “what is a good website or book to learn about gardening?”

  1. canron4peace said :

    Roedale`s Encyclopedia of Gardening would be my first choice for a book.

  2. barbara m said : They have the gardener guy, and sev. other videos from their show about gardening. Excellent site.

  3. Nightrider said :

    Sunlife books are excellent. Simple, elegant and teach you step by step.

  4. Kacky said :

    Rodale’s and Taylor’s are the best books. The best TV show is Gardening By the Yard on HGTV.

  5. nicola s said :

    hi there im from uk i grew up with organic gardening from flowers to veg gardening is all about trial and error dont set yourself too high a task flowers with low maintanance are best to start off with ie bulbs and tubers that come up every year then grow your own from seed its very rewarding and veggies tomatoes and peas are good to start off with if you want a quick result some hanging baskets with lobelia and petunia are nice roses and french marigolds are good for borders ive recently purchased a good book readers digest complete guide to gardening season by season id reccomend to anyone to get it if you require any more advice id be happy to help you can email me best of luck to you

  6. Big and small problems said :

    Hi there, first of all there is several books that you can look at the library, or go to your local nursery’s or home depot or lowes. Also there is a few home shows that are tv. Like Bob Villa, HGTV Show. I hope this helps you two out.

  7. sonofstar said :

    My favorite gardening book is Square Foot Gardening. It’s really about modular planting in such a way that weeding and care becomes easy and you can plant more per square foot that other methods. You can modify squares to fit your space. I’ve loved it for the last decade or so.


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