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What do you call a person who sells gardening supplies?

I need to buy plant and flower seeds in Bangkok. I can’t remember what you call people who sells gardening supplies. Really need help. Also if you can please put some gardening shops in Bangkok. All answers appreciated. Thanks a tonne.
sorry, i know i’m really stupid 😛

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6 Responses to “What do you call a person who sells gardening supplies?”

  1. Jon said :

    gardening tools sales associate???

    haha goodluck

  2. Allan said :

    Contact some ‘Plant nursery’ people.

  3. macy said :

    Sometimes in the UK they are known as “Nurserymen” .

  4. pearlblackharley said :

    i dont know about bk but here in ph it is home and garden supplier,or landscaping needs

  5. Brittney Cavallari said :

    A pimp. I mean, they do sell hoes….

  6. syliver said :

    we call him green grocer/seed vender


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