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How do I grow a flower and shrub garden, know nothing about gardening, help!?

Have a tiny 20″x20″ garden laid to lawn. From Asia, know nothing about gardening here.How do I grow a flower filled garden? I’ve heard that you need to prepare the garden in autumn/winter to have flowers in summer. Need advice from ABC please!

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11 Responses to “How do I grow a flower and shrub garden, know nothing about gardening, help!?”

  1. abo al hzm said :

    i don’t know

  2. Naomi said :

    What you’re talking about is planting bulbs. If you plant flower bulbs in the fall, they weill bloom in the spring summer. But you can also plant seeds in the spring or even buy seedlings and plant those as well. This is a good website with tons of gardening information -

  3. Veronica W said :

    look it up ion nthe gardeners book or go the RHS webpage they will be able to help RHS means royal horticultural society

  4. pete m said :

    First get yourself a book from the library it will help you a lot.
    Second general good advice if the soil is poor add compost and dig it over
    3 decide what you want to grow and plant it at the right time, different plants need to be planted at different times.
    For bulb plants spring is best for seed flowers more often its late spring (crocuses can be planted now for next year)
    4 Go to the garden centre a proper one mind not B&Q or Hombase, as the staff there will be very please to help you and give advise try and type in garden centre
    5 if it doesnt work try something else
    6 Relax and Enjoy

  5. Patricia M said :

    Ck to see if it has enough light. Fill will garden soil, I use a light weight soil,You can do it any time. Add ferlizer, like Miracle grow when needed. There are Annuals -they last thru the spring to summer and there are Perrienals- they last from year to year., these cost a little more but are worth it don’t have to replant them every year.. . I just made mine a couple weeks ago then put flowers in there. Good luck. Pem

  6. Megan S said :

    To really help, we’ll need to know what “zone” you are- that tells what plants will live where you are. Go to the link below- it has a detailed zone map.

    Then we can start with detailed recommendations. For example, tulips won’t grow very well in zone 9 or 10 (Florida) because the winters aren’t cold enough, but impatiens will do splendidly. In Virginia (zone 6-7), tulips do great, but not palm trees- it’s too cold.

  7. evek said :

    If you are serious about gardening your own plot follow these instructions and you cant go wrong. Plan where you want to put the garden, lay down sheets of used paper(newsprint etc) that you have soaked in water(not glossy mags)then place a layer of compost your own or bought, spread pea straw or lucerne straw over this and throw some more compsot over. build the layers up until you have the desired depth(normally a spade or fork blade depth)ending with compost. Then just plant your seedlings,seeds or whatever. This is the ‘no dig’ method which is tried and true cost effective and quite a show once blooming. Of course watering will help things along as well as a good soak of seasol or seaweed liquid fertiliser mixed with water to settle them in.Good luck and most of all have fun!

  8. tiptoe1 said :

    Go slow. Ask a friend or neighbor who is experienced in gardening in the new area you live. Buy a few plants and experiment. You might want to put in a few mums right now — the potted,nearly blooming kind. You might also want to plant a few bulbs now too (they will bloom in the spring). Daffadils are pretty much a sure thing. Tulips are fun to plant too and will give you nice flowers in the spring. Next spring, try some annual flowers, like petunias. Whatever you do, have fun and experiment. Everyone’s garden looks different each year.

  9. Sherrie said :

    I’m assuming your garden has some things in it already. You need a basic plan. A visit to the library will show you books on garden design. Visit your garden centre (I like to do so every month) to get an idea of what is in flower and what kind of flowers you like. My biggest mistake in my garden was not putting in enough evergreens. Your garden might look beautiful in summer, but lifeless in winter.
    Bulbs are excellent for quick colour. You will need shrubs. Try to make every third shrub an evergreen, though.
    Gardening is a happy experience and provides content and happiness. Enjoy it!

  10. cindarella said :

    Get your yourself some gardening books and got town. I learned mostly by trial and error. Try growing in pots first while your educatin gyouself with the books.I learned enough on my own to run asmall nursery. Very fyulfilling and peacefull work,

  11. cookiidou said : this is a wonderful and very helpful site. The site will allow you to find the gaden that is fit for your zone, soil and so much more.


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