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Is there any difference between flower arrangement and gardening?

Is there any difference between flower arrangement and gardening?There are various types of gardening these days-gardening, terrace gardening & indoor gardening? Does indoor gardening differ from flower arrangement?

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4 Responses to “Is there any difference between flower arrangement and gardening?”

  1. Cat said :

    Yes, there is a difference.

    Gardening has to do with growing living plants (flowering or not) – and the venue doesn’t much matter. traditional (outside in the ground), in containers, terrace, indoor…it can all be called “gardening”.

    Flower arrangement has to do with assembling cut flowers into pleasing displays. They are not growing – they’ve been cut.

  2. Joan F said :

    Of course. Garden grows live flowers with roots and flower arranging used cut flowers with no roots.
    Indoor gardening usually means small plants in tubs with roots.

  3. Il vostro partner said :

    Garden grows live flowers

    like this videos

    flower arranging used cut flowers

    like this

  4. Denise said :

    There is a huge difference between flower arranging and gardening.

    Flower arranging is working with cut flower while gardening is working with plants in soil.

    Indoor gardening requires proper lighting from windows or added fluorescent lighting. It also requires using the proper amount of water so that you do not get a mold on your soil which will affect the plants health.

    One type of garden I like in the summer is an outdoor cutting garden so that I can cut flower and use in fresh arrangements or dry for arrangements in the fall and winter months. Denise


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