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Should I wait for flower gardening or can I start now?

I live in TN. So, far we have had about 2 weeks of warm weather (60s & 70s) before spring even set in. Last year, our winter ended right around this time also unlike past decade where cold weather ( < 60F) would last through April. So, should I wait a little longer or can I go ahead and start my flower gardening now?

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5 Responses to “Should I wait for flower gardening or can I start now?”

  1. thayo30 said :

    Wait until you are sure the weather will stay warm enough that an overnight frost is no longer a possibility. I think you are at least a month too early.

  2. Ann F said :

    You need to know your plant hardiness zone, so that you will know when you can plant. I figure that you are in 6B, but you may check to make sure.

  3. MD/teacher said :

    You should wait why spend all of that money and have a frost and lose all of the plants. Wait at least 4 more weeks.

  4. Layla812 said :

    You can start now but the ideal weather will be around a month or month n a half away. I live in southern IN and started planting last week. For your state the zone is April thru or March thru June. I cant tell exactly on the map on the back of this seed pack but it looks like your safe to start planting now.

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