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i used to love gardening but now my garden is infested with red ants any ideas how to get rid?

these ants really bite i daren’t let my grandaughter play in the garden any suggestions i will gladly try thanks

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8 Responses to “i used to love gardening but now my garden is infested with red ants any ideas how to get rid?”

  1. wkdwchofwest said :

    grits- sprinkle them around they kill the ants when they eat them they swell them it kills the ant

  2. old know all said :

    Use a borax based antkiller like Nippon Japanese antkiller. (The stuff in a tube, not the dust). Place small amounts around your garden. It’s very slow acting, but after a few weeks the poison will get back to the queen ant and the colonies will die.

  3. jessicacalvey said :

    tip hot water in there nests! I have to do this every summer!
    Also a good trick is ant killer which is a plastic little box which you squeeze some lotion stuff in and they go eat it and take it back to there nests to share and this kills the other ants as its really poison!
    I buy mine from wilkinsons for about £2 for 2 pots – just put them near to the ants outside!

  4. josephrob2003 said :

    apart from ant powder put on their nest,you can try a strong solution of jeys fluid,or detol, spread it with a watering can.

  5. rendaln said :

    I have heard corn mill will work I have never tried it, many people swear by it. I wouldn’t use an insecticide many of them cause the ants to split and multiply good luck

  6. ROsie said :

    Some people are extremely allergic to the bite of these fire ants. Your wise not to let your granddaughter play there.

    It all depends if you want to use something natural .
    If your infested it must mean that there’s something attracting them there(or at least the queen).

    ways to get rid of them:

    For people with cats and dogs, using chemicals about the house and yard is always a risk.

    If there is an area of the garden that you want to protect, a border of coffee grounds will keep the ants away. If you happen to find where the ant hill is, place coffee grounds on the ant hill and around the area. You will see that your ant problem has vanished in a couple of days.

  7. Kitchenwitch said :

    I’ve heard that if you mix borax with icing sugar (wear a mask!) they take it back to their nests. Also plant some Pennyroyal, Lemon Thyme and other strong herbs, particularly Tansy, which they don’t like.
    This is an invaluable site for gardeners:

    I’ve also heard that if you have ants indoors to leave a saucer of instant coffee granules around which deters them- not sure if there’s any truth in this though.

  8. Wulfie said :

    There are commercial ant killers sold in any garden shop. Just spread ’em like lawn fertilizer. Personally, I prefer an organic garden but when it comes to war, ya gotta take the battle to the enemy.


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