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What types of containers have you used for vegetable gardening?

I would like to do container gardening this you have any ideas for containers made from things around the house and yard or otherwise free?

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7 Responses to “What types of containers have you used for vegetable gardening?”

  1. greenfingers said :

    Old rubber tyres stacked up make excellent containers for things like potatoes that need to be planted deep. Hanging baskets for strawberries, plastic buckets for beans (obviously poke some holes in the bottom) Galvanized jam pot for trailing tomatoes and an old Butler sink for herbs but could just as easily be used for lettuce/raddishes etc.

  2. Isabel said :

    I use old things like old cottage cheese containers, old cans from soups or chili, deflated balls cut in half work too, get creative. Have an old jar? Use it! Old plastic containers from yogurt or face cream? use that too! You can also find pots and stuff at thrift shops usually. You could probably even use an old fish bowl, or a basket that was tightly woven or even old hosiery!

  3. Traci said :

    go to your local independent garden center. Ask if they have an five or seven gallon containers they could spare. I work at a garden center, and we are always happy to give away some of our stock b/c it piles up after a while.

  4. Bekah L said :

    I have and still do use old tires, Larger pots, like the ones other plants came in, but clean them first so the are no plant diseases.

    Other thing you can use in your containers for watering is plastic 20 oz coke bottles, clean them out, peel the wrappers off and pokes holes in it, some holes in the very bottom and some going all the way up the side. Plant the bottle in the containers along with your plants, fill the the bottle up and leave the top cap off. this helps you from over watering and saves time and money. Because the rain will also fill the bottles up. Happy gardening.

  5. Hydroponics G said :


    Classic pvc pots is the better way. On Hydroponics web site you can find any type and size of them. On the website you can find also a section with a lot of tips about gardening.

    Good luck!

  6. BobKat said :

    Herbs will grow nicely in an old shoe or boot that has drainage holes drilled through the sole.

  7. Kaell S said :

    I checked out this website: and it helped with my gardening needs.


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