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What Should I write about in my next gardening article?

Hi Guys,

I live in Massachusetts, and I write a monthly vegetable garden column for my local newspaper. I have written two articles already, but now I don’t really know what i should write about. My first one was basically an introduction to gardening, and the second was about getting it started. I would appreciate any suggestions!


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5 Responses to “What Should I write about in my next gardening article?”

  1. Elly said :

    Write about growing an herb garden. Touch on different options too (growing it indoor vs. outdoor). I recently started my own herb garden indoor and I had lots of questions about “how to” and what the best or most common herbs are… an article on growing an herb garden would be great!

  2. S said :

    How about gardening maintenece, or the top 10 mistakes people make when they first start gardening.

  3. Carl L said :

    Well how about a link to your column? It’s hard to now what to suggest without knowing details about what you have already written and I’d like to see it. Just going on an assumption; how about writing about summer vegetables, tomatoes, peppers eggplants etc,. It’s a bit late to cover starting seeds, composting and early vegetables. There are so many topics in gardening to write about; you will never run out of them. For a few more seasonal topical tips see what Mike McRath is talking about on his show: You Bet Your Garden. It’s on NPR and he is based on WHYY out of Philadelphia.

  4. eskie lover said :

    I would love our local newspaper’s gardening contributor to write a column about some of the new products out there for gardeners. Like the new moisture beads as compared to vermiculite, the new mulches (do they really retain their color, how environmentally safe are they, do they retain moisture as well as natural products), like the new soils, composts, fertilizers, bug and snail control products touted to be safe for the environment and domestic animals and wildlife. Many of these products are much more expensive in my area than those which have been marketed for years. Are they worth the investment and do they perform as well?

  5. Dan the brick man said :

    you need to write an article on how to keep gardening fun. lots of people dont garden cause they think there is too much work involved…it can be done with a minimum amount of work if you keep it small and work just a little each day…


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