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Looking for a good gardening blog for my wife?

She’s really into gardening and magic fairies and stuff like that. She has lots of little statues like that in her garden. Any suggestions that sort of combine the two?

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4 Responses to “Looking for a good gardening blog for my wife?”

  1. Christy R said :

    Have her take a look at The Garden Witch. It’s full of good info and artwork.

  2. pondlady said :

    We have a great gardening community at
    You can get lots of ideas from other members who also love statues, fairies and other garden art.

  3. jay chua said : offers some good tips & advice

    Jay Chua

  4. Weston Rundle said :

    Thanks so much for your post. I love this site. If you are ever looking to drive in more visitors to your website, come check us out.


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