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Does anyone have any great ideas on gardening a gravesite. Flowers, small bushes and such?

I have been tending a family plot for several years. Then my grandmother passed last August, and all my gardening was upheaved. But now the plot is full, nobody else will be buried there any more, and I would need to start from scratch. Any ideas on planting flowers that will come back next year and maybe a small type bush?

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3 Responses to “Does anyone have any great ideas on gardening a gravesite. Flowers, small bushes and such?”

  1. Brad said :

    You left out what growing zone you are in. One very awesome ground cover is roman chamomile … it’s perennial, not to be confused with German chamomile which is an annual. It’s beautiful … covered with little daises in the summer, and stand up to walking on. When touched it gives off the smell of apples.
    A small tough, but very fragrant shrub I like is a type of fragrant rose that needs no care an stand up to harsh conditions … rosa rugosa.

  2. Brown Eyed Girl said :

    What planting zone are you in? You need plants that are conducive to your area to do well. You can check with your local arboretum for information or your local gardening center to find out your zone and they will help you with your choices. I am sure they are familiar with the cemetery. I would plant the tallest ones in the back and work your way towards the front graduating to the lower growing varieties and consider the blooming season for each one. Plan a color scheme .
    Daffodils, hyacinths, irises, lilies, petunias, geraniums and marigolds are good choices for the spring and summer. Mums are good in the fall. All can tolerate the sun and lack of water from my experiences. There are others. Will you be attending them regularly to water and dead head? Do you have full sun or partial? Are they in full shade? I live in the Northeast and these have worked well for me. I don’t know about bushes.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Grandmother’s are very special people. I lost mine ten years ago and she was like my mother and yet it seems like yesterday. Her one request was to please visit her. I applaud you for your taking time to care for your family. It is an honor. They spent a lifetime caring for us. I hope this helps and I know others will have advice for you.

  3. cowboydoc said :

    We found that having one or two people to do the plots is best. They live in the area and love the work. We all chip in and call or get the calls and find out what’s going on. We use pots and annuals that can be changed from time to time. My sister has a large farm and does this for us all. She always puts in favorite flowers.


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