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How do i make my lawn thick and greener?

My lawn is about 4 and half weeks old. I just cut it first time a few days ago. Should i apply fertilizer or lime anytime soon. I live in Dover Delaware, and its a fescue grass, mixed with annual rye. I want my lawn to become luciously green, and thick. I understand it is going to take some time….but what can i do right now. Suggestions will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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One Response to “How do i make my lawn thick and greener?”

  1. flattrack75081 said :

    After you second mowing, apply and all nitrogen fertilizer at half rate. That mean something like a 33-0-0 product at 3 lbs per thousand feet.
    Water at least one inch per week
    Aerate in the fall.
    Mow every 4-5 days with a SHARP blade.
    Lawn will look great.


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