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How can I make my lawn greener ?

For some time now, people have started planting their own grass in front of their houses – but a greener lawn is always a great sight to see; therefore there is a constant question of “How can I make my lawn greener”. There are many ways you can make your lawn greener. Some are free and some cost a nice chunk of change. Here, we will focus on the free solutions.

1. The importance of sunlight
When it comes to plants you must know that for most of them sunlight is vital. The same thing goes for your lawn, and if you want to make your lawn greener then you might as well give it enough sun for it to develop its photosynthesis process. Be careful at any bushes or trees that might be shading too much of your lawn. If possible, you can get rid of some branches that prevent sunlight from reaching the green cells of your grass. You will soon see difference.

2. The importance of water
Now that we have discussed about sunlight, we move on to another important factor in a plant’s life – water. Water is indeed important for your greener lawn but you have to know when and how to water it – too much water may sink your lawn, while less water means a dry and yellow lawn. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning or in the late afternoon. In addition, it is recommended to water evenly rather than watering your lawn by portions. A sprinkler system can solve this problem right away.

It is important to know that having a greener lawn can do more for you than just look good. If you ever want to sell your home, you can increase its selling price by simply having a more beautiful environment in front of your home. So, taking the time to make your lawn look better now, can benefit you in the future, too.

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