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How do I mow my lawn to have that checkerboard look?

I’m tired of mowing my lawn either up and down or diagnal. Its time for it to have a better look. I’ve seen many yards that have that checkerboard mow in my neighborhood and it looks soo cool. How can i get my lawn to look like that?

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6 Responses to “How do I mow my lawn to have that checkerboard look?”

  1. BlueJuliet said :

    First, mow all around the perimeter of the property.
    Next, mow in opposing directions through the remainder of the lawn (down and turn, back and turn, and so forth).
    Next do the same in the opposite direction of the original mowing pattern (ie, north to south and back if you went east to west first).
    Last, mow around the perimeter again to remove stripe irregularities from turning at the end of each row. It gives a clean, finished look.
    Happy mowing!

  2. Indianna said :
    Did you ever wonder how they get that “checkerboard” look like on a professional baseball field? Well, they get it by placing a roller on the lawn mower, then mowing the lawn while the roller changes directions as programmed. If you would like this look in your lawn, these rollers may be purchased at many hardware stores, although you may pay a hefty price.

  3. treehugger said :

    listen to blue julie it can be done without the rollers (it’s also what the use on golf courses but for a home yard doing it without rollers looks almost as good)

  4. darknightmare01 said :

    get some checkers

    and start playin

    you need a hobby or something to do or yeah get a life
    p.s you can buy special mowers that will do it for you it is called the checker mower

    have fun

  5. nicksriders said :

    Blue julie is right. But if you want some other types of designs there are websites devoted to cool ways to cut grass. my son found it but he’s at work. He does a great job on our lawn.

  6. Brittney Cavallari said :

    I always thought that that was a defect from the grass being layed down when they put it in. hahaha

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