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How do I get my lawn to look thick and green like the professional landscapes?

I just bought my first house and the grass is brown and being overrun by weeds. It looks horrible. I want to start over and plant some Kentucky Blugrass (I live in Minnesota). How should I do this? Do I just seed over top of the current grass, or should I rip it out or what? And also, how do I maintain it every year and what shoud I do and not do (lawn mower height, fertilizer, weed prevention, etc.). I know its complicated, but give me your best tips, write a short novel if you have to! I just want my lawn to look good.

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6 Responses to “How do I get my lawn to look thick and green like the professional landscapes?”

  1. Specious said :

    Install a sprinkler system and water in the morning before the sun comes out. Apply fertilizer with weed killer. When you cut the lawn, do not cut it too short. Long grass retains moisture. You may try seeding your current lawn. Make sure you aerate it though.

  2. Robert P said :

    you should take everything out first. rake and level the ground , add fertilizer to soil then plant the bluegrass

  3. Neal S said :

    take everything down to the dirt. what i did with mine was i took everything including about 2 inches of dirt off the top. while you have everything up, install a good watering system you will find it beneficial. if your doing seed make sure to follow the instructions on the bag. if you want it thick try a light second spreading. my neighbor did that only heavy and he ended up redoing it because it was to thick. so light second spreading. watering instructions should be on the bags of seed as well. just let it grow nice and tall and then mow it. let it grow tall again and then mow every week and it should look beautiful.

  4. Myles W said :

    Hey there!
    Fortunately I don’t need to write you a short essay, because had already done it for me!

    This page will give you all the information you asked for and more!

    Good luck with the lawn!

  5. paulguzie said :

    You can put Kentucky bluegrass seed over the top of current grass. Apply some good topsoil on top to keep birds from eating seeds and wind blowing it away. Seeds should germinate in about 2 weeks be sure to water almost daily. Generally Bluegrass needs more water than drought tolerant grass.
    You should fertilize once in spring, summer and fall. And use a winterizer in well….winter. A good analysis of about 16-8-8 will work well….

    Brown spots are either grubs or fungus…….Dig around grass grubs are large white worms with brown head about the size of a large thumb. If no grubs found probably fungus.

    Ahh lawn mowers. Keep setting low in early spring then go up one notch in mid summer and high setting in fall. If grass is cut short during mid summer and fall it tends to look brownish.

    A weed n feed fertilizer will work great for fertilizing and weed control. Also you might try a pre-emergence weed control in Early spring this will keep weeds from germinating.

    Be sure sprinkler system is working properly and aerate/dethatch lawn in Early spring.

  6. Todd B said :

    Contact you local Cooperative Extension Office. They are local and know the grass and conditions in your area. They will come to you, and give you lots of tips. You might also look up your local Master Gardeners. They are about making lawns and gardens looking good.

    Info from Indiana, Florida, Nevada, etc. are not going to help you much. Find a local source for your info.


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