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Lawn mower will not start and spoke comes out of exhaust?

Problem lately after I let the lawn mower sit a few days it will not start. I pull the start chain over and over and it will not start.

Also after I mess with it, it will starts up but a lot of smoke come out of the exchaust. Not sure why or what needs to be done to fix this.

I have a toro lawn mower if that helps.

How do i locate the choke?

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4 Responses to “Lawn mower will not start and spoke comes out of exhaust?”

  1. monkeylovespeanuts said :

    needs oil

  2. Linda B said :

    you may need to change the oil and empty old gas

  3. jeremy l said :

    spark plug fouled replace it at local auto part store for about three bucks make sure you gap it right then it will start

  4. Bert C said :

    Make sure the choke is opening fully and clean or replace the air filter.



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