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How do I keep birds and squirrels away when I plant grass seed?

I have some bad spots in my lawn and I know this is the best time of year to plant. However, in the past seed plantings this seems to create a feeding frenzy among the local squirrels and birds. Oh, this is Southeast Michigan.

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5 Responses to “How do I keep birds and squirrels away when I plant grass seed?”

  1. Terra Nova R said :

    Depending on how large and numerous the patches are, it might be feasible to build some frames covered with chicken wire. These would have to be tall enough to keep clever beaks out.

  2. johnny b said :

    just coat seeds in liquid fertilizer

  3. Chris O said :

    Here’s my trick (probably 1/2 the worlds too but it worked).

    Just moved in so I have 1/2 a yard of “bad spots”. Lay down a thin layer of top soil, spray it with the hose on mist, sprinkle the grass seed and then lay another thin layer of top soil on that. Lightly water it and BOOM! You’ll have great grass in no time.

    The top soil absorbs the water and allows the seeds to grow without the water washing the seeds away and the soil keep the animals from feeding.

  4. genry19y said :
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