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How do I keep rabbits from eating my strawberry plant? They are planted outside and rabbits are eating them?

I have planted some strawberry plants in my garden. They have started to grow but I have noticed rabbits or other animals have eaten them… What is the best way to deal with these animals? Can I grow these plants in pots? Thank you!

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5 Responses to “How do I keep rabbits from eating my strawberry plant? They are planted outside and rabbits are eating them?”

  1. HyperDog said :

    Chicken wire will keep them away, but if the soil is soft around the perimeter, you might need to bury it a few inches to discourage the rabbits from digging under it.

  2. Kaye B said :

    The only thing that will keep rabbits away is them thinking it is another rabbits territory. Find someone who keeps rabbits and get some rabbit pee.Sprinkle it around the perimeter of your garden, or your whole block, and they will not come near.
    We used to keep our rabbits on wire floors with a plastic tray underneath, which made it easy to collect their pee. In a new area where there was a bush area with wild bunnies, we were the only house with an entact garden.

  3. S B said :

    Actually what I did with my strawberry plants to keep animals and bugs from eating them is I put the in a hanging pot. So when you get the strawberry the bugs wont get to it before you do and the rabbits wont be able to get it either.

    hope this helps =)

  4. Boori said :

    put them in hanging pots my mom does that to all of our plants and they look beautiful too and try to be creative with the kinds of pots u buy……i hope i helped:D:D

  5. Violet Le Veela said :

    It’s impossible to stop them eating the grass and the flowers if you don’t make a sort of wall.

    If you have a small patch of garden, then make chicken wire all over it (it’s strong wire), but be careful, if the rabbits try to bite the chicken wire, they’ll get hurt. It happened to me once and the bunny had a little blood on his lips, so be careful.

    BUT if you have a big garden where everywhere is full of grass and flowers, it’s best to buy your rabbits a cage or two, and then let them out in the evening for a little exercise (obviously, rabbits hate being locked up in cages) …

    As you have said, you can grow them in pots too, but still, the rabbits might jump into the pots, and they will have every opportunity to eat the strawberry plants, so maybe, you could better try out one of the things above.

    I hope that helped you!


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