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My lawn is sod instead of true grass seed. What is the best way to keep it looking good?

I bought the home 4 yrs ago and whatever I try all of my neighbor’s who don’t have sod have better looking lawns with minimal effort.

I do the Scott’s annual program and fertilize myself. I didn’t aerate the lawn yet, but I will in fall.

Should I hire a company to do everything for me? What can do they that I can’t? Fertilizing is easy.

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4 Responses to “My lawn is sod instead of true grass seed. What is the best way to keep it looking good?”

  1. S1lent said :

    I talked to a sod farmer. Here are the tips he gave me to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

    First, Thatch in the fall. Over seed one you have thatched. You can get a big bag of grass seed for about $20. Use Scott’s fertilizer, about 4 times a year…as per the instructions.


  2. ranger_co_1_75 said :

    Sod is just grass seed sown on compost at a farm. After the seed germinates and comes up, a machine cuts the top 1 inch of soil under the grass and it is hauled to your house and placed on the lawn.

    What the neighbors are doing is called “overseeding”. Every spring and fall, they scatter new grass seed on the lawn and it fills in the thin and sparse spots.

    Just be sure to pick seed that is the same type of grass you have growing. You don’t want blue grass seed growing on a green grass lawn or it will make color spots.

  3. wheelieman said :

    we had the same when we moved into our bungalow, they
    had not bothered with the lawn, so we raked the moss out
    and spiked it all over and spread sand, soil ,fertiliser, and
    grass seed, and put up canes with old cds tied to them
    to keep birds away

  4. Andrew said :

    A sod lawn is high maintenance because it is Kentucky Blue Grass, when you say your lawn does not look as good, how does your lawn look flat, just a little green, short, the reasons can be many why your lawn looks bad.  Thatching and overseding in fall, Areate and use a 4 step system in the spring, make sure you use very low nitrogen fertizer when it gets above 85 and that your lawn is well watered.  Remember this rule the cooler it is above freezing the faster your lawn will grow, the hotter it is the slower it will grow that is why you use little fertilizer in the summer.


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