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How to keep ants and flies away from your pet bowls.?

I have 4 dogs that are in my yard and whatever leftover food they have, ants eat, and I don’t man a few ants, there is a ton in each bowl!!! So I need a non-toxic, natural, and hopefully cheap way to deter the ants from the pet bowls

Also need a remedy to keep flies away from my yard, period.

I heard of this remedy, but haven’t tried it yet

Ingredients: 1/4 cup syrup, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, dispense all of it into a milk carton and fill up to half with water, anyone know if this will work?

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5 Responses to “How to keep ants and flies away from your pet bowls.?”

  1. Jman said :

    keep it clean is all i can say…that’s what i deed

  2. hollywoodmelody said :

    Don’t know about that but for ants you can either use powder borax or plain table salt. Ants do not like either and when they take it back to their nest and digest it they explode.

  3. mjvincent said :

    There are bowl within bowls, where you put water in the outer ‘moat’ and ants cannot get in… As far as flies goes… Good luck…

  4. Corbyn K said :

    Hmm, that is an interesting problem to have. My dogs have food and water outside for them as well and I have yet to see any flies hovering. Maybe the problem is you don’t change the food and water enough and clean the bowls, thus causing germs and most likely odor that flies are attracted to. So your best bet would to keep the dishes in a cool dry place outside and wash the bowls daily as well as give them new food and water daily. If that doesn’t help maybe there is something in the brand of food your dogs eat that flies just like, so you should then consider switching them to a new brand of food. Preferably something all natural.

  5. cherry said :

    fore the ants you can spray with ant killer. fore the flies what i do is i have misters in my yard it sprays water and alovera oil flies do not like the alovera
    good luck


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