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How to keep my neighbors lawn grass from invading mine?

I am fixing to plant Zoysia grass for my lawn and my neighbor has St. Augustine. I believe Zoysia is more dense and will overtake his lawn. I need to know how to keep the two seperate(from growing over one another) while still being able to mow without obstruction. What I really want to avoid is his grass from invading my lawn. I think those metal boarders you can hammer into the ground would work, but how high to I need it to be above ground level to effectively keep the lawns seperated?

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4 Responses to “How to keep my neighbors lawn grass from invading mine?”

  1. Lawnboy & Luna said :

    Not high at all. Lawn grass, at least most types (not crabgrass) generally spreads by underground shoots, not seeds blowing around. So the metal border can essentially be pounded all the way down to soil level.

    I also think your Zoysia is the more aggressive species, so it is your neighbor who should be worried. Do you live where Winter is an issue? I am pretty sure Zoysia turns a very odd light brown in Fall, at least in Massachusetts.

  2. rustskipper said :

    Hey L Wire 98,

    St Augustine spreds via stolens, so should be easier to control (that if it had rhizomes also). Stolens are on top of the soil. A simple barrier will keep back the St. Augustine.

    Zoysia is slow growing and tougher to mow. It is also subject to thatch buildup, and you need to use caution when dethatching becase that will slow it’s growth also. Zoysia spreads by means of slow growing underground rhizomes and above ground stolens. These rhizomes will tend to go under barriers. Your lawn will over take his lawn eventually, unless you have a ‘root barrier’. Watering should be to 6″ deep at least – to establish deep roots, for a healthier lawn, so you should have a root barrier of 8″ or more.

    Do consider an Integrated Pest Management practice, this will save you lots of money (pest being bugs, fungus, weeds…). The Clemson Master Gardeners class presentation on Turfgrass has a section on IPM and on Zoysia grass too.

    PS – the metal barriers will rust away also, consider HDPE 30 mil. I can only find 15″ depth or more. When using this to stop Bamboo rhizomes, 24″ is recommended. It cuts fairly easy – so you could take a roll and cut it to size. A ditch witch rented for a day will make the needed trench – I know this is a lot – but in the end, you will be sure his stays put, and he does not get your’s.

  3. emmann3354 said :

    get really green and 86 lawn. friends don’t let friends do turf.

  4. Harold Sink said :

    There isn’t any real way to keep the two from growing over or under a barrier because their roots will eventually get through whatever you put in their way. You could get a few tubes of the grass line stopper. I don’t know the exact name, but it kept my dad’s grass from invading his 700 sq ft vegetable garden. He had to apply it three times during the year.


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