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How to restore a centerpede grass lawn?

My front yard is centerpede grass which has not been cared for a long time. The grass is thinning, and many spots dying. Right now it is very dried and brown (as it should be because it’s just early spring). My question is how to restore this grass? I want to buy centerpede grass seed and and re-seed the lawn but how do I do it? Just spray the seed over the old grass or do I have to till and rake the lawn up before apply the grass seed? Thank for your help.

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3 Responses to “How to restore a centerpede grass lawn?”

  1. Bonduesa said :

    I would like to know this also because I have the same type of grass that has the same problems

  2. SuziQ said :

    Here’s a good source of information:

    To re-seed, you will need to thoroughly rake the bare spots. Tilling shouldn’t be necessary

    The jist seems to be – keep it watered, don’t cut too short and don’t overfertilize. The last article suggests checking for nematode damage if it is wilting and thinning out.

    I lived in Georgia for a while and overseeded a fescue lawn with centipede seed. Seemed to take longer to germinate than most other grasses, but patience paid off.

  3. slumberdebbie said :

    There is a great product out called “Pozzolan” or “Lassenite ATS” that I would recommend you top dress the lawn with. It will absorb and hold water in the soil keeping it available until the grass needs it. It is being used in the middle east to grow grass for golf courses in the desert. Great product for dry lawns.


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