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How do I get my hands and nails clean after gardening?

I do try to wear gloves , but I forget and there are jobs that you just can’t do with them on . I soak them and scrub them but they never get really clean again .

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6 Responses to “How do I get my hands and nails clean after gardening?”

  1. Alyssa said :

    The best way is by washing your hair- either in the shower, tub or sink.

  2. Lucy said :

    I agree..washing you hair!

  3. Jay Jay said :

    After scrubbing my nails clean. I find lemon helps to whiten and brighten my nails after gardening then a good dolop of hand cream.

  4. D said :

    I use Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners hand soap with a nail brush and then plenty of hand cream.

  5. Annie said :

    i would fill up a bowl of luke warm water, get some soap and scrub your hands and then rinse them. Then just get any old washing up brush and brush under your nails to get them clean and rinse with water after. To finish i would use some shampoo all over your hands and rinse them x

  6. Allie said :

    wash your hands and nails really thoroughly after gardening and use a lot of soap and water

    hope this helped 🙂


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