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How do you keep clean when gardening?

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13 Responses to “How do you keep clean when gardening?”

  1. Gavia said :

    Wrap in plastic wrap

  2. John W said :

    You don’t. Part of gardening is getting dirty. Don’t worry, the dirt will wash off in the sink. If you are worried about stains on your clothes, wear clothes that you don’t care what happens to them. If you don’t have any, go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army and get some cheap used clothes that you can stain up. Get in there, get your hands dirty and have fun.

  3. Tim C said :

    I don’t think it is possible to keep clean when gardening. If you don’t get a bit of dirt on you, you aint doing it right.

    I have “gardening clothes”, which are old jeans, shirt and jumper that I don’t mind getting dirty. I have a pair of gardening shoes; an old sturdy pair, which I don’t mind getting caked in mud. Also, i wear good gardening gloves, but sometimes, when potting or planting, you just HAVE to take the gloves off and get dirt under your fingernails.

  4. Em-rah said :

    I dont personally! I tend to wear clothes I have that are for activities like thais (I paint too) If you want to stay clean wear gloves (I reccomend quite heavy duty ones) and some protective over clothing (you can get in garden centres) and probably something to kneel on (if you re doing boarders) A rolled towel will do but there are specialist cusions (again in garden centres)

    But Getting messy and being able to tidy is quite fun!

  5. GorGeous_Girl said :

    well you cant really be spit spot clean when doing gardening !! mud / soil / manure / compost – is not dirty (well not in my eyes) thats where our fruit and veg come from !

    but i do understand that you dont want your fingernails to be dirty etc, so here are some tips

    you can buy gardening gloves they are quite good. also you can keep knee pads, i usually have ‘gardening jeans’ which i wear when i am gardening so i dont make all my clothes muddy, i wash them seperately and also keep a pair of shoes just for gardening.

    other than that i think if you really get into it and start enjoying it, gardening can be quite relaxing and theraupeutic.

    happy gardening !!

  6. changemyraintosun said :

    When gardening or painting, rub your fingernails across a bar of soap first. Then, when you come in, you just wash the soap out and you don’t have dirt under your fingernails. That way, you can be really “hands on” without having to wear gloves. If you don’t have a kneeling bench, keep some old cardboard and kneel on that. Tuck your pantslegs into your socks and wear a bandanna as a sweatband to keep from rubbing your face.

  7. Renaissance Man said :

    I just wear old work clothes I don’t care about getting dirty.

  8. southarkansas said :

    thats the best part of a garden getting dirty

  9. Raymond A said :

    wear overalls jeans [or go to a charity shop buy some taty trousers] and buy gardning gloves

  10. Martha Evans said :

    If it’s a really muddy job such as digging a new flower bed or separating hostas, I wear rubber boots that can be hosed down and also I always wear gloves and old clothes. Weeding can also be quite a dirty job sometimes, but it feels good to be out in the dirt and seeing things grow and turn into to beauty all around, so the dirt just makes me feel more in touch with it all.

  11. Mehaut said :

    You don’t. Either you try to minimize the damage, as it were, by wearing old clothes and big rubber gloves…or you hire a gardener.

  12. Annie said :

    I wear gardening gloves and old clothes which I regularly wash as I use them for housework (especially where bleach is involved) as well as gardening.

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