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How soon after a TAH can I start to do normal things, like hoovering, hanging washing, gardening?

& carrying shopping?

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5 Responses to “How soon after a TAH can I start to do normal things, like hoovering, hanging washing, gardening?”

  1. tanika971 said :

    whats TAH, cant answer because i don’t know what you mean sorry

  2. francol said :

    If by a TAH you mean a hysterectomy – it’s about six weeks until you should start chores like hoovering, gardening a carrying heavy shopping, you could hang a bit of washing out as long as you feel like it –


  3. angiem said :

    hi love, i had a total abdominal hysterectomy 2 yrs ago, well firstly you cannot do anything for 6 weeks, no hoovering no making beds no washing ironing etc, the most you can do is make yourself a cup of tea, take this time out to rest and get yourself feeling better,, the wound should be well healed in 6 weeks, thats the one on the outside of your body,, the internal scars take longer,, beware…. if you do over do it your 6 weeks rest will turn in to 12 weeks rest,, delegate,, ask whoever calls to visit if they would mind puttin the hoover round for you, or putting a load of washing in,, it wont hurt them, and they always ask if you need anything anyway,, as you know its a major operation, treat it as so and you will be as good as new in no time at all… as for the shopping,, leave the heavy bags for as long as you can.. take someone with you you choose what shopping you want and let them carry the bags,, good luck love,, life begins after hysterectomy…xx

  4. cestlavie said :

    If you really want to know what happens to you after a hysterectomy, go to and watch the female anatomy video.

  5. Lee Rezendes said :

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