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Where can I buy orange gardening gloves with a dark green band at the wrist?

I am desperately looking for some specific gardening gloves. (Thought to be used in royal mail sorting offices too!) They are orange, with a DARK green band at the wrist. They have CE and a couple of numbers printed in black on the cuff.
There are all sorts of orange gardening gloves but these are specific ones. They are disappearing out of the shops and I can’t get hold of any more!!! Help!! Serious replies only please.

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5 Responses to “Where can I buy orange gardening gloves with a dark green band at the wrist?”

  1. g8bvl said :

    try ebay or get friendly with your postman

  2. kevin h said :

    Wow a fashion consious gardener,but if they are no longer for sale in the big shops that means they are going out of fashion but some discount stores will still sell them as they pick up unpopular goods plus ypu get them really cheap

  3. little weed said :

    Perhaps they are some kind of safety gloves so you could search a few web sites which sell safety clothes and equipment.
    I saw some orange with green wrist bands in Machine Mart….. don’t know if they are the ones.

  4. haldir said :

    in a shop

  5. k said :

    Ask at your local garden centre, or a specialist workwear store like Alexandra – I have recently bought 2 reflective waistcoats from them, and they supply the local hospitals, restaurants and the Bus Company.

    They have got a website, and do catalogue sales as well.


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