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What are all the steps I need to set up my own teenager gardening business?

I am 16 years old and I would like some extra cash. I wondered if a gardening business would be good? But the thing is I am scared and embarrassed to ask neighbours if they need anything doing as they know me!
What sort of thing should my business include, as in what jobs should my gardening business offer??

Please help, I would love to earn some extra cash but I dont know what my business should offer or what I should do to get started.


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3 Responses to “What are all the steps I need to set up my own teenager gardening business?”

  1. spare any change? said :

    Lawn mowing is a good place to begin. Mower, weedeater, and blower will get you started in this industry. Add other tools as need and budget allow. Go to a tech school and study horticulture. Piece of paper carries a lot of weight with people.

    Start small, post signs in the neighborhood, get referrals from friends and family. I started a lawn care service off the referrals my girlfriend’s mom gave me. Do a good job for them, and they pass you around to their friends.

    Be clean, polite and friendly and punctual. Take any job you can find. And don’t hire your friends. They will lose money for you.

  2. Tensei Kaname said :

    dont forget to buy one of these:

  3. Organic Gardener said :

    Weed pulling (no one likes doing this so they would probably pay for someone to do it for them)
    Cleaning dead leaves out of gutters


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