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How can I make a bonsai garden ?

Bonsai is an art used in gardening that dates back in the Tang Dynasty of ancient China. This is also known as tray gardening or the art of growing miniature trees in containers, trays or pots. This is very stress relieving and enjoyable hobby.

To start creating a bonsai garden you must prepare plants and trees, course sand, sphagnum moss, containers, pots or tray, garden shovel, vinegar or rainwater and non-rapid growth fertilizer. Remember to put only one tablespoon of vinegar for every gallon of water.

Now, you can choose a location for your bonsai gardening. It should be free from viewing distractions and the planning must be artistically and creatively. Next, choose the trees and plants that you want to include in your garden. Place it in a pot, tray or container and make sure to have a soil that drains well.

Remember to water your bonsai with rainwater during hot summer weather. If there is no rainwater available, you can add one tablespoon of vinegar in every gallon of regular water to water your bonsai. Make sure that the fertilizer you are using is a non-rapid growth variety.

Regularly trim the branches and trunks of you bonsai trees and plants to culture the shape of your work. Also, remove all the unnecessary plants, dried leaves and new spring growth in your plants as they appear. Remember that the soil in your bonsai garden should never dry out.

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3 Responses to “How can I make a bonsai garden ?”

  1. Bonsai Masters said :

    This hobby really an healthy and rewarding hobby, I too agree with this. This creates many more recreation with this quite hobby. I like very much and enjoy in growing these small Bonsai.

  2. plants and trees said :

    The manner of planting a rose plant is similar to that of other plants. The soil must be healthy. If you have experience planting shrubs, you are well-qualified to plant any kind of rose plant too, since the method is the same.

  3. seema said :

    how can i make bonsai plants or garden?


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