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Do organic gardening products such as pesticides, fertilizers have to be certified?

I’m starting an organic tomato garden and with so many different options, I wanted to make sure that I’m only using products that are in fact organic. I understand that only food and fiber require certification, but what about gardening products?

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4 Responses to “Do organic gardening products such as pesticides, fertilizers have to be certified?”

  1. Herbarium Landscape Design said :

    If you want to be sure look for OMRI on the label or visit
    It is not a requirement so some organic products will not be certified by OMRI.

  2. Nail said :

    Actually its better to use certified gardening products because those products are tested and tried several times before comes into the market. As there are many certified brands in the market, sold gardening products just that depends on you which brand is better or quality provider with warranty or guarantee services.

  3. Mathew W said :

    Yes, but you can make all the compost you need at home. If you don’t use pesticides on your lawn, you can compost your food scraps and grass cuttings to make all the fertilizer you need. It will be organic, and extremely environmentally friendly, but not certified.

  4. Mia said :

    The word “organic” may appear on packages of meat, cartons of milk or eggs, cheese and other single-ingredient foods. Certified organic requires the rejection of synthetic agrochemical, irradiation and genetically engineered foods or ingredients. Literally, of course, the term is a redundancy: all food is composed of organic chemicals (complex chemicals containing carbon). Any materials used in the production or processing of organic food must be proven safe. Awareness is growing about the value of organic foods. But, whether organic chicken or pesticide-free lettuce represents “healthier” alternatives has long been a subject for debate.


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