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How do I begin a new veg/heb garden in an already estabished gardening bed?

I just bought a house with great gardening beds. The only issue is I’m new to gardening and would like to get rid all the plants currently growing there to add new ones. I’d like to pot the rosemary instead of having it on the bed because it seems so invasive. The tomato plants seem to be done for the season. Do I pull them? There are also strawberries, thyme, and others I have no idea what they are.

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2 Responses to “How do I begin a new veg/heb garden in an already estabished gardening bed?”

  1. Kat said :

    You can transplant many of the already existing herbs into pots but spring time is the best time to do this for the best survival of the plants. The tomatoes are most likely done for the year so, yes go ahead and pull them. Since you are new to gardening a bit of research on what plants grow best in your area and their up keep would be the best option for you. Also you may want to find out what the unknown plants are before removing them. Check around your neighborhood and see what others have in their gardens, talking to someone in a garden nursery may help you as well. But before all that, sit and ponder on what you want in color and up keep so you have a good idea of what will work best for you.

  2. Kimberly C said :

    Yes, you can do a make over bed. How big is the Rosemary, and any idea how old it is? If the Rosemary is large and leggy, it may not transplant well. If it is smaller, you shouldn’t have any problems transferring it into a pot.

    You can take out the plants you don’t want and rework the soil. Prepare the soil like you would a new bed. If it is a large area you can til the soil over and work the ground. If it isn’t too large of an area, turn the soil over with a shovel and rake it out. Add some organic mushroom compost to the soil as this acts as a year fertilizer.
    If the tomatoes are done, you can go ahead and take them. Pot the thyme and strawberries. This will give you more space to plant some things you might enjoy year around. Consider some evergreen shrubs for color as well as perennial flowers for accents.
    Take a look at my website landscape solutions as there are many articles as well as tips and techniques on preparing and placing shrubs and flowers in a garden. There are also different pictures of trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs for you to look at. I will take you to my site map page and browse through the differernt topics. I hope this has helped some and if you need some further help, please feel free to contact me. Good luck to you!


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