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Where can I learn about home repairs?

I would like to learn how to built and repair drywalls,installing floors, electrical stuff, plumbing etc are there schools for it or people just learn on their own? I have a house so I would like to do most of the work by myself.

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6 Responses to “Where can I learn about home repairs?”

  1. diane said:

  2. Mike S said:

    You can also try poking around your public library, there’s generally a fairly large section on this in every one I’ve been to & many of the books have been more helpful than the info I’ve found on the net.

  3. Keith said:

    PBS has a lot of shows (New Yankee Workshop, This Old House, Woodsmith Shop, etc.) that gives you a lot of good tips on how to build stuff. I was fortunate enough to have an uncle that was a General Contractor, and I learned a lot from him as a start.

  4. Foodieken said:

    Hi Saul, I’m Ken with The Home Depot. You’re starting out right by trying to find good and useful information on how to build and maintain your home. As stated before there are quite a few websites that you can get information on home repair.

    A great site is “” Not only can you ask specific questions, you can get answers from Home Depot experts and other “Do It Yourselfers”. There are also videos on “how to” on home repair. The Home Depot store has its own books on basics and specific subjects.

    Other methods are looking into your local adult school or colleges for classes on specific subject such as cabinet building, wood working, electrical, etc. As stated before, the library has a ton of books on repair and maintenance. Hope this helps.

  5. SolidAxle said:

    My Dad used to tell me whenever I asked a question, “Sit up in your crib and pay attention”. Not trying to be cute but his advice was correct. Whenever you have the occasion to watch a craftsman perform their skills, watch them and learn.

  6. Skip Borders said:

    You may want to look up a couple of contractors or handyman services in your area.

    One of the services I have provided as time allows it to work with homeowners and help them learn the some important steps, processes, and tool requirements.

    It has worked out pretty well. The homeowner learns some skill sets as they work on projects in and around their own home. They have access to a pretty wide array of tools that they may not generally have, and the job gets done right.

    Not everyone offers this and often our schedule is booked and we are not able to accommodate everyone’s request but it is worth a call or two.

    G, Borders


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