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How to start a gardening business?

I have basic knowledge about General gardening and i want to go into business.

How would i go about doing it and how much approximately will i have to spend to get started off.

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2 Responses to “How to start a gardening business?”

  1. Hot Answers - Artemis™ said :

    It depends.

    Do you want to go into business through the Internet or setting up a Limited company?

    Either way, It will cost you some money to get started. And dont expect a huge profit the first year.

  2. spots said :

    I would suggest maybe getting more knowledge of the area that you want to go into. Are you talking about lawn care or growing plants for sale? There are tons of books to read. Go to other places and notice how they are set up and what you didn’t like or did like about the place when you first walked in. Take a look at the place and think to yourself “if this were mine I would do…”


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