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what do i need to start a gardening business?

ok i live in the uk and im wanting to start a garden business and i have all the eqquipment to do the job and i also have the knowledge for the job but i am unsure what i will need to legaly work with a friend. i will also not be hiring new people. such as who do i need to inform and what to register.

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3 Responses to “what do i need to start a gardening business?”

  1. D said :

    Register with the tax man and purchase public liability Insurance, which is quite reasonable. Make enquiries to pay your stamp.

  2. Salerio said :

    If you want to be self employed just register with the tax man. Simple as that really. If you do that then you will be invited by HMRC to attend a couple of courses explaining what you can claim offset against tax and you’ll find they are generally very helpful.

  3. Elva X said :

    theres free help in your local business centre or business link.

    call the ‘newly self employed’ help line at the inland revenue…google 4 the tel no.

    call tax credits…u will get tax credits every week …amount depends on how much u earn and if yre single etc…u can get child tax credits aswel if u got kids.

    u may be eligible for rent help… call housing benefit.

    u will prob get a nhs card for free medicine dentistry etc.

    keep all your business receipts and bank statements, bills etc…


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