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what tools would i need to start small gardening business?

what tools would i need to start small gardening business, ie all types including power tools and protective clothing, also ways of advertising, thanks

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3 Responses to “what tools would i need to start small gardening business?”

  1. Dixie said :

    Hayter petrol lawn mower, and dont buy cheap tools

  2. Denzle said :

    To start in landscape gardening the basic tools you will need are….A good wheel Barrow…Strong Spade and fork… A Pick and Shovel….A good Tree Saw plus small and large pruning shears….Some steel toe cap boots and loose fitting overhauls….Later maybe a Rotovator…Lawn Mower….Chain saw……Then after a while you will know what you want to do a job….Most people have their own mower and some tools so ask….Get some flyer’s printed and put them through the doors of your local area….Put adds in your local shops saying all sorts of gardening work done at reasonable rates…Give it a go you can earn good money if your willing to work hard at it…..The main thing is to give yourself an hourly rate when you estimate a job….Look for similar things in your area and find out what they charge then undercut them slightly……Good luck..

  3. Kina K said :

    1)pruning suplies
    2) various sizes of clippers

    Shovels, picks, dirt turners, stakes, power saw, lawn mowers, Rain boots, fishing pants (those rubber protective pants that are good for multi-uses and various activities), Numerous seeds, pots in all shapes and sizes, advertising letting people know by: Handouts, Telling friends, Big signs, Etc.
    Water pots, Decorative rocks and trimming, Rakes and hoes, saw, hammers, potting soil (many different types for different uses) Helpful printouts and such of certain plants (Or you can have a computer and do good research on your plants and save it to a wordpad Doc. then be able to print/or tell them info on raising their plants

    Hope I was helpful, I was kind of random 🙂


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