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How to remove a water stain from a dress?

I have a prom dress and the tag says that the material is acetate, and there’s a water stain on it… how do I remove it without getting it dry cleaned?

The dress is not washable. The tag says dry clean only.

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2 Responses to “How to remove a water stain from a dress?”

  1. Jon C said :

    IIf the care label specifies that the article is washable, hand-wash it carefully in warm water, using a light-duty detergent.

    Do not soak colored items or wash them with white articles.

    Line-dry acetate away from heat or direct sunlight.

    Press acetate at the coolest setting, on the wrong side, while the article is damp.

    Nail polish remover and perfumes will permanently damage acetate.

  2. dawnb said :

    Well then you have it dry cleaned as suggested. Is this too difficult an instruction?


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