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How do you remove a permanent marker stain and how does it work?

I need to know the steps and how it does it

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5 Responses to “How do you remove a permanent marker stain and how does it work?”

  1. Jen said :

    it depends where the stain is.. ive found that if its on a hard surface (counter, chair..etc.) thats not permeable.. or skin.. using a bug spray and cloth will take care of permanent marker. i would spray directly onto the marker, and wipe…

    im talking like insect repellent for the body.. not the kind to get rid of mice, roaches and ants =]

  2. melissa_something said :

    if it is on a hard surface, then try Mr. Clean Dry erasers, they work excellent! for clothing, vinegar takes out some stains, you rub a little on it and wash it as normal. Or Tide pens-also a great and easy thing to take out stains on clothes!

  3. Tammy H said :

    use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser…it works on all hard surfaces! the “sponge” is made of a slightly gritty material that slowly dissolves as it is used..they are amazing…

  4. that's the truth said :

    on hard surfaces “vim”, or “comet” or “old dutch” or “soft scrub” work really well.

    on carpets, “folex” removes just about any kind of stain.

    on clothes? don’t use water because it tends to spread the stain. sponge over a pad of soft cloth, using equal parts denatured alcohol and household ammonia (test coloured fabrics first). if the colours run, try denatured alcohol by itself. rinse or sponge with warm water.

  5. starrwoode said :

    try oops, goof off or wd40. just spray or squeeze on let sit for a couple of min and then put some laundry soap on it too and wash, do not machine dry till the stain has come out, you might have to use two or all of the things at one time, i have done that before too, if one wont get it out, try another, if it still isnt all gone try both together.


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