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How do I remove set in dog blood from my car apolstry?

A few weeks ago, my dog’s toenail was clipped too short and bled A LOT. On the way to the vet, he bled all over the backseat of my car. He ended up being fine, but it looks like someone got murdered in my car. Any ideas? I’m not sure the exact material of the seats, but they are a soft fabric (not leather or fake-leather) and are light colored.

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4 Responses to “How do I remove set in dog blood from my car apolstry?”

  1. lennie said :

    Use peroxide full strength, you might need to do it a few times, but it will break up the blood. When your finished you might want to use dish washing detergent and water to clean the residue and blot with paper towel until dry.

  2. Diana B said :

    HELLO…I agree with lennie….that was to be my answer also. I also know that to get out any kind of blood stains, cold water is the key.

    Make sure you use the peroxide(it breaks down blood proteins) and the cold water stops the blood from setting in permanantly. Never use warm or hot water as it “sets” the stain.

    Also, for your doggies bleeding toenail….go to the store and buy a styptic pencil….the kind men use for shaving cuts…..hold pencil directly on bleeding toenail with some mild pressure and viola, the bleeding will stop.

  3. mykidsmom said :

    Since cloth car seats are usually a synthetic fiber, I would not try something as drastic as peroxide to start–any upholstery cleaner or area carpet cleaner like Spot Shot should do the trick–you may even find that a mild solution of water and shampoo like Suave will take it right out. Try whatever shampoo you have on hand first on a small area before you step up to something stronger.

  4. Emma said :

    I wouldn’t use peroxide either, it can cause a bleach effect on the wrong materials!
    Try some Coca-Cola!
    My chemistry teacher in high school taught me this one! Supposedly its what cops use to remove blood off pavement.
    Since its in your car, use it sparingly (put a towel around the area so it doesn’t run where it shouldn’t), and then scrub it good with soap and water since you don’t want sticky seats.
    Good luck!


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