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How to clean white wine stain from wood?

Yesterday at a friends house i put a glass of wine on a nice wooden table and it left a circular mark where the glass stood. It was white wine, but some of it must have gotten on the bottom of the glass and stained the table. It is a really nice table, so i feel horrible for ruining it, is there anything i can buy at the store to clean it? The wood is dark color, maybe cherry or something like that. We tried using water and rubbing it, helped just a bit, but the spot where the wine stood for a few hours is still very visible. Please help, thanks.

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One Response to “How to clean white wine stain from wood?”

  1. SarahBear8084 said :

    Are you sure that it was the wine that left the mark or it was a water mark from the condensation? Here are instructions for fixing that:

    Dry the wood if it’s a fresh water stain. Wipe off all the water with an absorbent towel and place a paper towel over the water stain for a few hours to absorb extra moisture from the wood. This trick works only if the water stain is caught immediately.
    Open your pantry and dig out that mayonnaise. Spoon a generous amount onto the water stain and rub it in with a paper towel. Allow the mayonnaise to remain on the stain for several hours or overnight. In the morning, wipe off the excess mayonnaise. Use a paper towel and rub the remaining mayonnaise into the wood. The water stain will be gone. Add ashes to the mayonnaise when applying it to the water stain. It increases the mayo’s effectiveness.
    Use a combination of non-gel white toothpaste with baking soda in equal amounts on highly finished wood. Make a paste and apply the mixture on a clean white cloth. Apply in a circular motion to the water stain to gently buff out the stain. Wipe the mixture off the wood and apply furniture polish. This method should only be used on highly finished wood.
    Place a lint free cloth on the water stain; think linen dish towel. Carefully put a hot iron on top of the cloth for a few seconds only and remove. Repeat until the water stain is removed from the wood.


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