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How does one remove stains from the bed?

What should I use to remove sweat stains, and sperm stains?
It washes off with the sheets, but how do i remove the stains on the mattress?

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7 Responses to “How does one remove stains from the bed?”

  1. Becky said:

    use resolve spot remover works great

  2. Alex said:

    Oxyclean makes a pretty inexpensive spot remover that works great…also if you can possibly do this (I do this with my mattress on warm days. I drag them outside and give them a good cleaning with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water…for the tough stains I use a stain remover…works great and deodorizes the mattress.

    Tip: Keep an old bed sheet on the side that has to lay on the ground. Let it air dry outside…the sun will sterilize it as well as the vinegar.

    Also to keep your mattress clean…invest in a mattress cover.

  3. CarolAnn L said:

    put a little bit of liquid laundry soap in a bucket of warn water and use a rag to scrub the mattress. try not to get the bed too wet. then go over it again with clean water. then lay towels over your bed and jump on it to soak up any excess water. maybe point a fan at it or use a hair dryer to dry it out the rest of the way.

  4. Junierz said:

    my parents used to use bleach when i wet the bed and it worked great. but i had a bunk bed. if u have a tempurpedic….o i don’t know

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  5. teisha712 said:

    Oxy is great. It removes stains from everything. One thing I would recommend though is getting a washable mattress protector. Your mattress is like a giant sponge, so it’s kinda gross when sweat, sperm, and stains get on there and absorb into the layers. Mattress firm sells a great washable and breathable cover called a protect-a-bed. The reason it can be breathable is that water molecules are larger than air molecules. They have little testers there so you can test it. And you can wash that cover with your regular sheets too.

    Hope I helped!

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