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how to start a lawn care company?

Me and my friend wanna start a lawn mowing company together, we are both 14 and want to know the best approach at going at it. What we were thinking is to post fliers all over our neighborhood, and charge 20$ a lawn as a flat rate. If it is a large lawn should we charge more or should we charge by the hour or wat? Also, is all you need a lawn mower, gas, and a little practice?(Neither of us have any practice at mowing lawns) If there is any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

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2 Responses to “how to start a lawn care company?”

  1. stanley said :

    hey whatsup. you want to start small because lawn care is an underrated job. it can be very difficult at times. sometimes you will get customers who ALWAYS find something to bitch about. my biggest tip is for one of you guys to learn to weedwack and the other cuts. youre 14 so you are too young to drive so get a car for all youre materials and drag that around with you.

  2. Kimberly C said :

    I am a landscaper and designer. I have had my own business for 8 years. Knowledge and passion are two things that are required for a successful business. My first question to you is, have you mowed your own lawn before? If you haven’t, I would start there and learn the different settings of a lawn mower. You have to know your cold weather and warm weather grass types. Bermuda is a warm weather grass and doesn’t have to be mowed as much as Fescue.

    Before starting any type of business, you must have the knowledge to present yourself to potential clients. Unless you have access to a truck to haul your materials around, you will have to stay in your neighborhood. This could be a good start for you. Learn how to use a blower and a trimmer. These are other tools you will need. Besides gas, you will periodically have to put some oil in the mower. Practice on some lawns before you even begin to approach customers.

    You will be in a competitive field, so get some experience and then show people what you can do. I will link you to the site map of my website. There are articles, tips and techniques that may help you get started. The site map has everything that is on the website. Good luck to you and your friend, and have a great day!


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