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container gardening, Is there any climbing plants i could use to cover a stained patch of wall in my backyard?

there is an ugly bit of wall i’d like to disguise in my backyard (catches lots of sun) with some kind of climbing plant that i could train up the back wall of the house and make the whole place look nicer. Only i’ve never had a garden, (still don’t) and dont know anything about plants. could any gardeners out there advise me what i could plant and how to take care of it please?

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8 Responses to “container gardening, Is there any climbing plants i could use to cover a stained patch of wall in my backyard?”

  1. alicesarbonne said :

    Well, if you are wanting to cover an area, plant a hummingbird vine.

  2. Ollie said :

    Hi,you could try a climbing rose.They grow quick & you will
    in the summer have a wall of roses.The instructions will come with the rose.have a look in B&Q.Good Luck

  3. shazza said :

    Bouganvillea-needs regular pruning to be kept under control ,little water and fertiliser
    Star Jasmine- Needs pruning once a year ad medium water and fertiliser
    potato vine- needs to pruned 3 or 4 times a year little water or fertiliser
    Ivy (needs to be kept under control)
    Climbing rose-needs a bit or work ,regular water and fertiliser also spraying for bugs not a good idea in areas of high humidity
    creeping fig-needs to be kept under control ,does not like frost,needs water and minimal fertiliser

  4. Roxy said :

    There are loads of climbing plants you could use – it’s up to you to decide what you want from them. If you want fragrance, then go for something like honeysuckle or jasmine (you can get winter flowering jasmine as well as summer ones, so you could plant two together). If you want showy flowers, perhaps a clematis or two (again look for ones that flower at different times of the year). Wisteria is spectacular but takes a long time to establish itself. Other than that there are various non-flowering climbers which would cover the wall attractively.

    Make sure that whatever you plant has a good trellis or framework to clamber up.

    The Royal Horticultural Society (link below) is a good starting point for researching plants. Or you could ask at your local garden centre.

    Happy gardening!

  5. Dalli the Lama said :

    If you want an evergreen to cover in winter as well, try Clematis Armandii. Wisterias make good climbers and are pretty. Then there is Russian Vine which is vigorous. Honeysuckles are good and frgrant. Hederas are evergreen too, but they can be hard to control.

  6. a c said :

    My mum is an architect and she always said climbing plants are best mounted on a trellis because close to a brick wall they work their way through plaster and dig between the bricks. (ivy is an example).

    The advice depends very much on your type of soil, water availability, sun, etc…

    If I was living in the south and had enough light and warmth, I would choose climbing strawberries (some produce all year long if the temperature is high enough) as I love to have some colour and taste.

    in any case I’d still choose a spice for the fragrance (for some you can find climbing varieties with a google search) and for the smell and taste my grills would have with it

  7. Mister R said :

    sure there are dozens of vines. You could use climatis, morning glory or a decorative ivy

  8. Giles C said :

    I’d grow passion flower. It grows fast and has amazingly beautiful flowers. Plus if you’re lucky you might even get fruit (passionfruit/grenadilla)


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