Gardening – what kind of life is there on your pond?

Built a pond a few years back, hoping to encourage some wild Pondlife, but apart from a few sightings in the last couple of weeks, nothing. Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “Gardening – what kind of life is there on your pond?”

  1. frogspawn2007 said:

    Not sure. Happy to check out its depths for you to see what’s there if you like?

  2. THE GIMP said:

    nice try, maybe he’s gone and got himself a job and no longer sits on the internet all day!

  3. suejones987 said:

    if possible try and find some tadpoles from somewhere or frogs.i built a pond about 15 years ago and managed to get some tadpoles from a local pond and now every year my pond is full of frogs and toads mating and spawning.every year the young frogs from the previous year come to the pond.they will also live around your garden all year round eating all those ikky slugs.

    i have heard that certain pond plants attract wildlife although i’m not sure which ones.

  4. calla said:

    Do you have some sort of waterfall or water feature in the pond? The sound of water will help attract wildlife. Be careful what kind of wildlife you wish for.

    I put in some feeder fish, which are now several years old and pretty big. Lots of frogs, laying on the lily pads and around the rocks on the edge. Birds will sit beside one of the small waterfall and drink. Also chipmunks, squirrels, and of course the dreaded raccoons.

    We even had a black lab in there one day, just dove in did a lap and got out. Wasn’t too happy about that.

    I believe you need the sound of water, make sure you have alot of plants around the edge. Even a small mini tree for the birds to sit in also feeders close by, grasses, rocks, this allows the wildlife to hide if they feel threathened.

    Hope this helps you some.

  5. gardensallday said:

    are you and/or your neighbors treating your lawns with chemicals? The pond life has to come from somewhere, and if every last bug is sprayed there will be nothing for frogs to eat. Plus amphibians are much more sensitive to chemicals than other animals. I live in a rural area, and there are butterflies and fireflies all over, but when I visit my folks in the suburbs, there is very little life. They don’t spray, but everyone around them does.


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